System Update 2.1 (710031)
Ecco il messaggio con il quale l'autore dell'update lo ha presentato alla comunità Newto mondiale!
Una sola nota: il file che potete scaricare al link indicato in basso o direttamente da WebNewton è un patch, che aggiorna la versione precedente del system sull' HD del Mac. Sarà quindi necessario in seguito installare il nuovo system (o meglio il vecchio system UPGRADATO) sul MP.
Per ora il patch esiste solo in versione Mac.
Per gli utenti Windows ho preparato una versione 'patchata' del system 717260, già pronta da installare!
Scarica il patch
Consigliato per utenti Mac Os
Scarica il NOS aggiornato
Consigliato per utenti Windows

Hi Fellow Newtoneers!

John Arkley (aka ExNOSE) once wrote:

>Building and testing a System Update is complex and expensive process
>and no single engineer could do it.

Well, I can now confess it, I did it alone.

Walter Smith wrote:

>Writing a system update without the ROM source would be like rewiring
>your computer in the dark without opening the case. :-)

Don't ask me, I don't have the source.

However, I successfully wrote a new update. This update fixes the bug known as Date/Find and therefore replaces Avi's fix. It does not exactly uses Avi's fixing, but just patches the Calendar application directly.

The bug appears when printing/faxing or just previewing from print/fax dates in a Find result. Cf Avi's Pages for more information:

For copyright reasons, I won't distribute the system patch itself, but an update to system patch 717260. It can be found at: It only works on MacOS now.

The number of the update follows Apple's numbering system (cf the FAQ for information). It does not work and will refuse to work on any other machine than a US MP2k, for it is the only one I have [anyway, the bug only exists on NOS 2.1] (you can still offer me a machine if you want the update on it

It installs over the following updates:

IMPORTANT: Before you install this system update, you should back up your MessagePad. I won't be responsible for any loss of data. This system update is under P&M Consulting Newton Program License.

I would like to thanks all people helping me in this project, either by providing very useful information (John Arkley & Walter Smith) or sending me softwares such as the Patch Eraser, and Avi Drissman for having sent me the source of his fix for this bug.

Best regards,


P&M Consulting Newton Program

Why 710031? Cf the Newton FAQ:

c) What is the numbering system?

That's a direct quotation from Walter Smith (
The numbering system originated as a response to customer irrationality.
:-) Because each patch applies to a single ROM image, there are multiple patches that produce the same end result. The exact numbers may be off, but let's say the OMP had version 1.0 software, then the MP100 came out with version 1.1. We released an update for the OMP that brought it up to date,
and gave it version 1.01.

The problem here is that even though 1.01 and 1.1 are functionally equivalent, people with OMPs were unhappy because their version number was lower. There was lots of misinformation floating around about "upgrading" 1.01 to 1.1, meaningless though that actually was. It got even worse when 1.1 was patched, so you had 1.03 vs. 1.12.
To address this, we had to distinguish between the actual version number that tells tech support what software the customer has and the end-user version number that tells the customer what functionality they have. The six-digit number is unique to a particular update (software version), and the x.y number indicates what functionality you get when the update is applied (end-user version).
Unfortunately, some customers are a little too smart to fall for that, so there's still all sorts of consternation over the supposedly meaningless system update numbers.
The actual scheme is some combination of the ROM version the update applies to and the date the patch was generated. I don't remember the details.
Here there are: (but that's my own interpretation, although I was helped by Henry Cate's answer to Walter's post (both of them worked in the Newton department at Apple))
* First two digits is the model code:
+ 34: MP110
+ 41: MP100
+ 44: MP120/1.3 US
+ 46: MP120/1.3 Int'l
+ 51: MP120/2.0
+ 52: MP130
+ 53: MP120/MP130 (German)
+ 71: MP2000/2100
+ 73: eMate 300
+ 74: MP2000/2100 (German)
* Third digit is the last digit of the year.
* Last three digits is the day the package was built.
The question then is: how will we do with years 2000's? Was the discontinuing of Newton planned from the beginning (at least before the 52nd day of 1994) by Apple?