Newton gaming corner

by Luca Falzoni, italian version

This is a list of freeware/shareware games for the Apple Newton MessagePad.
These packages were tested on my MP 130.
Where applicable I list the URL where you can find the latest version; there are screenshots, memory requirements (not heap), price and short descriptions.
Please report games not listed or broken links, thank you.

Thanks to Herb Otto, Namba One Systems for giving permission to distribute their games.

I have a huge list of games to be added... so come back tomorrow :)


Black Box 1.0 [download]
37k, "based on the old Parker Brothers board game by the same name"
Bomb 1.0.1 [download]
28k, "A 2-6 player critical mass game. Players take it in turn to place bombs on a grid..."
Bug-O-Matic 1.0 [download]
30k, " In this game, you have a Bug (i.e., insect) to take care of. It goes running around looking for foods"
Forest PegBoard 1.0 [download]
60k, " the traditional peg-jumping solitaire game with a few enhancements" (NOS 1.3, a little garbled in my 130)
Hangman 1.0.1 [download]
23k, "Our own version of the classic game. This is for one or two players"
Jig!™ 1.5.1 [web page]
72k, play against the Newton or a friend with this board game, place your tile in a 5x5 grid
Knight in Minefield 1.0 [download]
50k, cross a minefield hopping like a king in chess game
Little Peking 1.3 [download]
32k, The object of the game is to delete all tiles from a board by matching tiles of the same kind
Litton 1.1 [download]
29k, "The object of this game is to flip tiles so that all tiles face the same side"
Newtiles 1.1 [download]
19k, " tile based solitaire game. The tiles are stacked in pyramid fashion and the goal is to remove all tiles from the game board." (NOS 1.3 only)
Newtiles 1.2 [download]
30k, like 1.1 version (NOS 2.X only)
NewtSquares 1.0b [web page]
33k, "place Tetris-like pieces to form 3by3 peg squares"
Number Invaders 1.0.0b3 [download]
17k, "Shoot the invading stream of numbers"
Pairs 1.0.1 [download]
15k, "Another classic. Match the pairs of cards to win"
PeggySu 1.0 [download]
27k, "Object of the game is to move the black peg to the center hole by jumping over (and eliminating) other pegs"
Quicky Black Jack [web page]
32k, the original card game
RepTile 1.0 [download]
28k, "It's another jump-over-the-peg-till-you-are-left-with-only-one-peg type of game with a few little twists"
SameGame 1.0b5 [web page]
13k, simple and very fun tile game (NOS 1.X, 2.X users please use the 1.0 version)
Silicon Casino 1.0 [request]
528k, an electronic casino. Included: video Poker, slots machines, baccarat, craps, black jack. A commercial game by Casady & Green now free (avalaible only via mail request, not uploadable)
Stacks [download]
39k, " a strategy game where you must remove all "tiles" from an 8x8 board"
Yin Yang 1.0 [download]
14k, "All it does basically is to show strange images on the screen, ever so slowly. It may give you some peace of mind"


Newt21 1.01 [web page]
27k, 5$, "Newt21 brings the blackjack table to your Newton. Go up against the dealer one-on-one or have up to two computer players join in"
SameGame 1.0 [web page]
24k, 10$, simple and very fun tile game (NOS 2.X, 1.3 users please use the 1.0b5 version )




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