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International news (from www.stazsoftware.com):

12.03.01Script Editor Edit FB^3 scripts
11.07.01Etchelon Tracer 4 Develop animated movies using QuickTime
10.16.01Analog Ripper Record tape/LP to digital
09.17.01MacDoodle Macdoodle is a friendly drawing program for children
08.06.01MacHurricane Hurricane Tracking software
07.18.01Instructions Here is our started collection of instructions for FuturePaint.
07.06.01Release 5 See what's new for Release 5!
06-06-2001Container Word Breaks Here is a function that prints a container into a standard BASIC window with word breaks.
01-06-2001Find Folder Great example! See how to find the Prefs folder, Startup Items folder, etc.
07-05-2001Asteroids Revenge New version of asteroids from Pyramid Software.
03-04-2001Printer Res Example shows how to get the printer's resolution.
02-04-2001Proj Mgr & Editor eDoc Modified version with no formatting commands embedded.
27-03-2001PPC Math Tech Note Why doesn't .1 = .1 ?
26-03-2001Reference Manual Fixed Ref Manual Release 4's Reference Manual contained unnecessary formatting characters. This is a fixed version of the eDoc.
23-03-2001Reference Manual Order your hard copy of the reference manual today!
21-03-2001Made with FB More of the products that have been built with FB.
22-02-2001Reference Manual Redone to exclude formatting characters.
20-02-2001A Bulletin board for FB^3 programmers.
9-02-2001Shipping Is Complete on Release 4
9-02-2001Release 4 Demo The demo is now online
9-02-2001Press Release Here's what we told 'em
15-01-2001Release 4 Look at the new features ready for Release 4!
21-01-2001Edtris Updated version of Derek's Tetris game.
21-01-2001Crazy-8 GameBoy emulator on the Mac (Games included!)
21-01-2001Made with FB Just a few of the products that have been built with FB.
10-01-2001HFS+ Routines A collection of routines that allows your program to do things like examine the free space of very large volumes.
10-01-2001Scorpion Research A great site for "How To" info on the Appearance Manager, Speech Manager, Apple Guide, Apple Help Menu, and Date/Time operations.
9-01-2001Tech Note 12 Using 64 bit unsigned wide variables.
2-01-2001Tabbed Panes Pre-Appearance Manager Tabs from Pete.

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