Toolbox Info Plug-in for FutureBASIC^3 Editor

Version 0.4 - January 2002


This plug-in searches the text selected in the Editor in the on-line documentation of Apple Developer site and opens the page with the information about that call (or function).

How does it works:

The plug-in has two different mode: on-line and off-line.

On-line mode:

As default the plug-in starts in "on-line" mode. This would mean that it performs the search in this way:

Obviously the on-line mode needs an active internet connection.

Off-line mode:

Pressing the option key during the launch of the plug-in an option window isopened. You can use this window to set the off-line mode of the search engine. In the off-line mode the plug-in performs the searches in a local disk that contains the same files of the Carbon and/or QuickTime on-line documentation.

This is useful for owners of Apple's OSX Developer CDs and to members of ADC (Apple Developer Connection) with a fast internet connection that can download that useful information (the last version available at the moment is the December 2001 Mac OS X 10.1 Developer Tools that is 217.9 Mb long).

This modality needs the help of the user to choose the folder in which the index files are. For "Carbon folder" the plug-in needs to be pointed to the folder in the local hard disk corresponding to the following URL: On my hard disk the path is "Macintosh HD:Developer:Documentation:Carbon:Indexes:Functions"

For "QuickTime folder" the plug-in needs to be pointed to the folder in the local hard disk corresponding to the following URL:
On my hard disk the path is "Macintosh HD:Developer:Documentation:quicktime:APIREF:INDEX"

In off-line mode the plug-in performs the searches in this way:


Drag the "Toolbox Info Plug-In" file in the "Plug Ins" folder inside your "FB Extensions" folder.


Note for OSX Users: Please note that you must set the browser in the Internet Control Panel in Classic to change the default browser (if you have both the versions of a Internet Explorer and/or Netscape installed for OS9 and OSX the OSX version is launched).

In the following figure Opera shows the information about the SetThemeWindowBackground call from the Apple's site as result of the above.

If you hold the option key pressed launching the plug-in opens the preference windows in which you can choose to use the off-line mode. In that case you must provide a folder with the indexes, in your local copy in the HD, corresponding to the following internet URL: (in my HD the path is this: "Macintosh HD:Developer:Documentation:Carbon:Indexes:Functions")

Note: In on-line mode the plug-in performs also a search with the Search Engine of Apple Developer site, in off-line mode it searches only for Toolbox functions in the Carbon documentation and in the QuickTime documentation.

Temp files:

Some temp files (actually a copy of the index files) are stored in the "TBINFO" folder (inside the Application Support folder when available or in the Preference folder).

To do:

Know issues:


The plug-in uses the BASIC Appearance runtime, so you need a system with Appearance Manager installed. If you need a non-Appearance plug-in you must just recompile it switching the BASIC Appearance runtime to the Standard BASIC runtime. The plug-in is compiled for PPC, if you need a 68K version compile it for that target. It uses also the InternetConfig Library.

Users' Comments:

"...again, you have committed a valuable tool: Inside Mac at a single click away."

"Man, I love that tool!"

"...I have had also the feeling that Michele made once again a great tool. For a long time now I was dreaming of something like that (I was even disappointed when the extension that used to link any text editor to Think Ref was no longer working), so I got very excited at the first trial of Michele's plug-in. It is way too cool, a must have!"

"...the Carbon documentation on the Developer CD [is] easily accessed now with Michele's wonderful Toolbox Info plug-in"

"...I was certainly too much excited by the Toolbox info plug-in. Because of the way I use FB, I see that tool as a major feature of the Release 6 which already appears to be the greatest release since the start of FB^3."

"...Try Toolbox Info, an amazing new Editor plug-in and with a single click get access to the entire Toolbox documentation produced by Apple."

"...OK, I'm not fair, I love that plug-in..."

"...But it kicks the ass!"

"Thanks to the excellent ToolBox Info Plugin, I see that this stuff isn't supported in Carbon."

"Toolbox Info Plug-In, could be very useful to some programmers."

"As far as I'm concerned, its a winner."

"No bug to report, just awe over how COOL and useful this is!"

"It works flawlessly. Congratulations on an amazing plug-in."

"ToolboxInfo is a wonderful tool, which I use many times each day."

"I just wanted to say thank you for writing that Toolbox Info program... so useful, always. Saves me a ton of time with Compositor 2.0!"

Notes about documentation:

This documentation is written using TextEdit and FuturePaint.

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Michele Neri

Part of the source code is grabbed from many examples of the FB's community and from Staz's examples. If you change the code you must add a note about your changes in the source code, in the compiled application and in this documentation before distributing that.

This program is free, ...