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Presentation of this site:

- Goals - FutureBASIC in Italy wants to be the point of meeting of all the Italian programmers (professionals and hobbist) that use the environment of development by StazSoftware for the Macintosh. In this site you will be able to find the last news (releases, updates, utility, plug-in, etc.) regarding FutureBASIC^3. There is also a Press section that tries to hold trace of all the articles or announcements appeared on Italian magazines or sites related to FB^3. In such section we will try also to hold a list updated of all the Italian sites (or written in Italian) that speak about FutureBASIC.

FB doc IconThe site is opened to the contribution from part of anyone who wants to make to know programs developed in FutureBASIC (commercial, shareware or freeware), of who wants to make available the source code of their own programs (open source) or has news or official notices inherent to FutureBASIC. For information, in order to send to us news or your programs you could write to: nerimic@ambiter.it.

ENThis pages are also available in English to join the international community and the Italian comunity and for make the Italian programs more visible. English is not my first language, if you find typos or errors please tell me.

Questions and answers:

Why an Italian site on FutureBASIC in the age of globalization? In order to create a point of reference to the numerous Italian community and in order to increase the visibility of this language of programming and the Italian developers in Italy.

Where can I buy FutureBASIC? The environment of development FutureBASIC^3 can be bought via Internet from the distributor in Europe Pix & Mix in the site euro.futurebasic.com. In the same site, beyond the sure pages for the purchase on-line, there are numerous pages of information in Italian.

Are the program and the handbooks in Italian? Yes, the European CD contains the version localized in Italian starting from Release 2 (beyond to the English, French and German versions). Also the handbooks (as electronic documents) are in Italian starting from Release 3. The Program Generator and the relative handbook are not yet translated.

Who produces FutureBASIC?The producer (and distributor outside Europe and Japan) of FutureBASIC^3 is the American company StazSoftware, Inc.

Who cures the updates of these pages? These pages have been thoughts, created and maintained by Michele Neri, developer in FB from 1997, betatester of FB^3 from 1998, localizer of FB^3 from 1999.
StazSoftware and Pix & Mix are not in any way responsible of any error in these pages.

In spite of it has been made every effort in order to avoid every error or inaccuracy is always possible that these are present, in case you found an error please tell me.

FutureBASIC in Italia.
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Macintosh and iMac are registered trademark of Apple computer, Inc.

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